Friday, June 29, 2012


tonight. like usual, i don't feel like sleeping. maybe because i've drank cups of coffee just now. lol :) hurm, i need to scribble this out. i've been keeping it inside and it's hurting. in a good way. haha. ok its not funny i know but just that i feel like laughing. blablabla ~

how i wish i was alone tonight so that i could shout this "I MISS YOU SO MUCH YOU KNOW?!" haish. i might sound silly because i'm missing these three gents a lot. who are these guys to me? why am i missing them? worthy huh missing them? they are special :) their presence in my life has brighten me up. and it's worth it to miss them :) they are like brothers. my bff. although we just know each other for few months, but this head and heart of mine can't put them away. you know, a good friendship is not being counted by how long you've been friends. but how much you treasure it and how much you appreciate your friends :D

seriously each and every minutes of my life, i keep thinking about them. how are they doing.. what they are up to recently.. do they miss me the way i am.. these tiny dimunitve stuff keep playing in my mind, yeaa maybe because i'm now far away from them *not that far actually* makes me think so hard about our friendship. maybe i myself will put the blame on me coz i didnt text them. but i'm afraid if they didn't reply and i might feel upset. it is not that i'm afraid of sadness but for now, that anguish, gloomy bleakness has overwhelmed me more than it supposed to and yes i'm tired of it. *i'm so sorry for not giving a call or send you sms coz i didn't topup my credit yet. hee :D

so, no matter what gonna happen next, i just wanna make it clear here, i'll cry whenever your faces and moments with you come across my mind. you might laugh if you read this entry but this is what i feel. really hope to meet you guys once i'm back in KL and i wish we can spend lotsa times together. i wish that i have sweet voice so that i can sing out what i feel. so that i can sing for you. but sadly, my voice is worse than the toads. lol. ok i'll stop here. too much craps. haha. nitey nite ~

*i miss you and i love you :)

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