Thursday, July 12, 2012

torturing thursday

good morning! :) i'll still start my day with a smile although the title up there doesn't sound that pleasant. i don't know what happened to me since last night. suddenly my whole body was aching yet it's still aching till now. i woke up and looked into the mirror. oh my. noticing that my face was quite pale and i started to put the back of my palm on my forehead and yes. fever! sigh. i don't really like it. nobody likes it, right? the worst part was that i couldn't sleep. i tried to find any medicines  that can reduce my body temperature back to the normal reading (pretending like i don't mind eating panadols. but the fact is, even if i found it, i won't eat. lol) and finally! i saw kool fever in the fridge (i don't have to eat the pills at last) i was not really sure whether it helps or not as i don't really trust those stuff. anyway, i didn't have any other choices. either to take the pills or paste it up on my forehead. i thought it is ridiculous but now i take back my words. it helps! seriously saying :D by the time i woke up just now around 7 something, i felt better. Alhamdulillah.  so, to the readers who don't feel like eating the pills if you fall sick, try to grab this kool fever yaww :)

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