Friday, June 29, 2012


as usual, when i sign in my Tagged acc, i'll surely check the friend requests link and i'll approve one by one. depends on me who will i approve and who i will not. seems like less number of girls sent me requests, so i'll simply accept theirs :) but! maybe next time i should check out their profile before i approve'em coz ended up i received such a humiliating message just now:

girl, i'm not trying to put you down in another word to abash you. humiliate you. no i'm not. it's not even your picture and your name. i know. but just giving you or anyone reading this entry a piece of advice. life is always hard. me myself is facing challenges but seriously, selling your body and being proud you're good at it is ridculous. foolish action. i know you might have financial problems. but it's ok to work a lil bit hard rather than selling your pride and dignity. i know i'm not good enough to say this kind of stuff but as a girl, it's shameful.

*really hope that i won't receive this kind of message anymore in future. making me shocked sehh. hoho.

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