Friday, June 29, 2012


Germany! yeayyy!! hoping that by screeching this out, by any chance it could flame out their spirit to keep giving their best for the team and their country. but eventually, being defeated by Italy this morning. OMG! i cried when Bonatelli *idk how to spell his name*  stroke the 2nd goal for Italy. it was unexpectable at all because i've watched how Germany played in previous games and they're really fascinating. awesome-ly great football players. but this is their fate. perhaps.

little bit balking with their match just now but its ok :) they've done their best i know them! Germany! ich werde dich biz zum ende zu unterstutzen! and to Italy, come on. don't have to feel that proud with the goals you've scored. you so gonna be screwed by Spain soon! haha. and now, i'm giving full support to Spain! beat them up, Spain! and win the trophy for the second time! woot woot! ;D *it is because Italy has kicked out Germany and i want the Italianos to feel the disappointment. lol *jahatnye saye

victory! victory! victory for Spain ;D

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  1. Spain leading uhh.. 2-0!!! =D


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