Thursday, July 12, 2012

anime drawing

where to start huh :) ok! actually i wanna write about my drawing that i drew on 25th of june 2012. that time i was totally suffering of boredom. jumping here and there just to make myself tired, singing and dancing, playing with the cats, online-ing all day long but i was still relucting bored. ended up, about 10 something at night, i searched for an A4 paper and a pencil and an eraser. that moment, i was trying to start drawing (hoping that it would help me overcoming the boredom) after i haven't done it for so long. why so? i was a lil bit disappointed when my drawings were not being appreciated and causing me to force myself not to draw anything anymore. *drawing graphs for general paper and mathematics were excluded* 

so i drew and drew. started with sketching the face, the hair, the body, and thickened the line and walaa! :

of course there were flaws here and there but i was quite satisfied because at last, i managed to draw the hair part prettier than before(last year) *praising myself a lil bit, eh* lol! wait! it's not the end of the story yet. i wanna share with you something :) actually, i was not good at drawing. but there are two of my friends who inspired me a lot. 

the 1st girl : nur adilah. my classmate back in SKCTI. she is a talented artist ever since she was in primary school. trust me, i was not the only one who envied of her talent. i can still remember. her favourite anime that time was cardcaptor sakura and she kept drawing the characters from that tv programme. especially sakura kinomoto and her cousin, tomoyo daidouji. most of us including the teachers were impressed by her drawings. seriously! but she is a very humble and a down to earth little midget who never boast and brag around about her special skill :) i'm not bragging her all around, but just to share my gratitude because she has been my inspiration for years. dilah, i would like to thank you for being a nice friend and for teaching me how to draw anime stuff back in those days.

okayy proceed to my 2nd inspiration : ina ainaa. a very gifted ingenious girl i've ever known. i knew her when we were in MRSMPS 2008. her room was just opposite of my room, P326. and on the first day she entered the school, she started to paste her drawings on the wall next to her bed and by that moment, the girls were really attracted to go to her room to have a look at them. she's insane! pheww! ina, i'm glad that we are still friends till now and i would like to say thanks to you too for encouraging and inflame me to have the trust in myself and my skill of drawing. you're right. once you hold your power of imagination, you can draw anything, anything that you want. 

thank you, girls. :)


  1. yeah!!! im still remember that!! awwwwww nia... thanks a lot darling, but my skill already block now, i cant drawing like before... huuuuuuuu.. i miss that time btw.. anyway, your skill still superb nia... Im salute...

  2. Assalamualaikum there. :) Haha.nahh biasa2 je, mana ada lawo beno pun. eheh. Thanks nurul. I really donno how I inspired you, coz I hardly get inspired by my own drawing.heheh. Anyways, nice drawing! Don't worry skill like this can be polished. It's realllly nicer if you can use your drawing to invite others to goodness, macam kata2 nasihat ke. wink! Selamat maju jaya dengan drawing anda, hokay! peace!! -adilah92-

  3. ina : tu la. walaupun skejap aq kt mrsm tp macam2 kenangan. hee. thanks ina. you really help me a lot :)

    adilah : wassalam. haha are you sure dilah? lawak je ko ni. tu lah. i had a look kat testimonials iluvislam tu comel2 cartoon nye but to invite others to goodness kena la diri sendiri ni ade goodness nye tak. nanti tak reflect ape yang kita sampaikan dengan diri kita sendiri. tu maybe insyallah one day. thanks for your advices too, dilah <3


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