Sunday, September 30, 2012

new update! new update!

assalamualaikum :)

only now i feel like writing again. haha. it was a stressful day i guess. and that made me feel like onlining and write and scribble and scribble and write ^^,well, i've been working at a new place. new job! -quite-a-stressing-job to say so. *at times. but seriously, i'm facing loads of problems and the job is really challenging*. duhh. -__- i'm telling you this so that you can stop having the thinking conception that a front desk job is so a-tiny-miny lame job! grr. haha *at least i'm no longer a promoter* yipee! *up sikit* haha. i know. to compare my job right now with my friends, classmates, schoolmates is way too berbeza. haha. *rojak sikit eh*. who i am compare to them all :) it's ok. i take it positively and i know i'll make my dream comes true one day. maybe.. next year? amin :D 

so yeah! byebye kitschen, hello thai odyssey! :) so, peeps! come over to this massage spa yaww! i'll be there to serve you *not as a masseur/massage lady but as a frontdesk ok* i guarantee you will have the satisfaction as in your body will be more energized and relax-no-stress :D i'm at the sunway giza mall outlet in kota damansara *don't forget to drop down!*

# i'm stress! that's why i'm writing craps. haha *guess that i need a massage too*

see you soon! 

-the end-

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