Friday, July 13, 2012

how i handle my stress

it's quite stressful when at times you have to solve your problems on your own without any helps from anybody else. and it's true enough that life is getting harder and harder. there's a saying which i use to hold on for so long. life doesn't get easier, you just get stronger. but today, ever since just now i felt down. some sort like a little bit of depression. few weird bad feelings were overwhelming me. intefering my goals that i wanna achieve.

so, i thought that i need to do something to relieve my stress and again i tried to sing. before this, by singing, i managed to 'shuhh shuhh' away my boredom. lol :D yet it keeps me cheerful most of the time :) this time i picked up a catchy fun song from Dream High 2. entitled B Class Life. this song is actually has something to do with my life as an ordinary girl too. why not if i sing it out, right :D happy listening :)

Dream High 2 OST : B Class Life
by : Park Jin Young
sang by : Kang So Ra, Joo Jing Woon, Kim Ji Soo, Jr.

let me tell you a little bit about this song :) they sang this song during their first 'super idol mission' in kirin art school. this song is being written and produced by Park Jin Young (JYP). the song is about aspiring singers or perhaps for those who wanna be entertainer but with less talents, who often get neglected by the others. Before the concert started, Kang So Ra gave a brief explanation about the song, where she said, "we are B class life, who wanted to become an  A class student. we are bi-jungsang (abnormal people in korean), who wanted to get to the jungsang level (the top in korean)" the lyrics is about the underdogs that have given strength and hope to a lot of viewers.

original version : 

i am a boy just a boy
sumanheun boi junge geujeo han boi
mwonga teukbyeolhan ge eopgo mueotdo 
naeseulge eomneun geureon saram

i am a girl just a girl
jinaganeun geol bwado moreuneun geol
jeonhyeo yeppeujido anko nunnatgo
pyeongbeomhagi geujieomneun saram

urineun 'B' 'B' 'B' geup insaeng 'A' geubi doego sipeun
urineun bibi bijeongsangdeul jeongsange seogo sipeun
urineun 'B' 'B' 'B' geup insaeng 'A' geubi doego sipeun
urineun bibi bijeongsangdeul jeongsange seogo sipeun

byeolboril eomneun boril
sseuldeeomneun sseul ttaeman gajyeotjyo
bujireomneun ttambangulman jureukjureuk heulligo itjyo
dapdaphan nae mamboda deo dapdaphaehaneun nae juwie
 pyojeongboda nakkaji jichyeogajyo

repeat c/o

eonjenga nae ane inneun nae teukbyeolhameul chajanae
boyeojul nari isseulkkayo
aeume eolma namji anheun nae kkumeul da irki jeone
naege bichi bichul su isseulkkayo
repeat c/o

english version :

i am a boy, just a boy
only a boy among many great boys
don't have anything special
and i've got nothing for me to show at all

i am a girl, just a girl
girl passing by but not noticeable
got my eyes and nose undesirable
very ordinary girl that's me

cause we're the B B B class living
A's what we're gonna aim for
cause we're the B B B abnormal
hoping us to get at the top

just a thing that is nothing and don't have any usability
and the vain sweating just like beads keeps on rolling rolling down my face
frustrated that's my heart is
with frustrated people surrounding me
i feel tired most of the time when i see the way they look oh

repeat c/o

wondering if, if there will be a day for me to finally see 
and show what's something special in me 
before i even loose all of my dreams in my hear there's nothing left
will there be a light thats gonna be shining on me

repeat c/o


  1. Suare u mcm budak2 la =]

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